The PLANNING and DEVELOPMENT ACT of 2000 introduced much stricter and more onerous requirements for the development of 'PROTECTED STRUCTURES', formerly known as Listed Buildings. Any Owner of such a Building should be aware that their building is 'Protected', as they should have been formally notified by their Local Authority of this fact.

The architectural skills required to work on PROTECTED STRUCTURES fall into two distinct areas:-

(1)        A detailed knowledge of the new Legislation, and the ability to consult and negotiate with  Planning Authorities and Conservation Officers.

(2)        An appreciation of both the design and construction of older buildings and their problems, as such buildings differ greatly from newer buildings in terms of materials and construction techniques used.

Denis Duggan passed the RIAI ACCREDITATION EXAMINATION FOR WORK ON PROTECTED STRUCTURES in 2003, which dealt with both of the above aspects of this speciality in detail.
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