A scale-model of a proposed building, whether it is an individual House, or a large Commercial Project is an extremely useful means of fully demonstrating the 3-dimensional features of the project.

We make models of most of our projects, and Clients, Planning Officers and Contractors can all benefit from seeing the project represented in this manner.

'Reading' Architectural Plans and other Drawings is not always an easy task for people not used to it, as two dimensions are being relied upon to describe a three-dimensional Building.
A model can be of great help in clarifying to Clients just what their completed building will look like, as well as revealing details not immediately obvious from the Architectural Drawings.

A model can also be a most effective Marketing Tool for any Commercial Project.
Indiviaual Dwelling   Private House   House Extension
  Private House   Tullamore Court Hotel  
Tubber NS   Private Dwelling   Ballinamere NS
  Tubber NS   Tullamore Court Hotel  
Tullamore Court Hotel   Individual Dwelling   Ballinamere NS